Josephine of Hoo
Josephine of Hoo

Josephine of Hoo is for sale for £15,000. Please use the menu symbol ≡ above to find out more.

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Josephine of Hoo is a stor Tumlare designed to the 30 sq m Scandinavian handicap by Knud Reimers in the late 1930s. Tumlare is Swedish for porpoise; stor is big to distinguish her from the designer’s smaller 20 sq m Tumlaren. Reimers was a celebrated designer of  yachts in the 1920s and 30s. Uffa Fox described Reimers’ design  as, “The most advanced type of cruiser in the world.” Adlard Coles owned first Zara, a 20 sq m, and then Cohoe, a 30 sq m, with which he won the Transatlantic Race in 1950 by a margin of 2 hours in just under 21 days, after 3,000 miles at sea.

Josephine is a distinctive double-ender 9.9 m (32′) LOA, 2.37 m (8′) beam, and 1.52 m (5’6″) draft, with a grown oak rudder stock hung aft of the stern post.